Sales: (844) 243-9268
Service: (844) 867-0607
4305 Jonesboro Road, Union City, GA 30291

Meet Our Staff


  • Dealership Contacts (844) 243-9268
    • DJ Drawdy Photo
      DJ Drawdy
      General Sales Manager
    • Robert McNeil Photo
      Robert McNeil
      Sales Manager
    • Crissy Rainwater Photo
      Crissy Rainwater
      BDC Manager
    • Eddie Carvalho Photo
      Eddie Carvalho
      Finance Manager
    • Todd Towns Photo
      Todd Towns
      Finance Manager
    • Derrick Chisholm Photo
      Derrick Chisholm
      Service Manager
    • Deb Freeman Photo
      Deb Freeman
      Assistant Service Manager
    • Tyrone Davis Photo
      Tyrone Davis
      Parts Manager
  • Sales (844) 243-9268
    • John Abney Photo
      John Abney
      Sales Associate
    • Corey Douglass Photo
      Corey Douglass
      Sales Associate
    • Corey Haynes Photo
      Corey Haynes
      Sales Associate
    • Tim Lenox Photo
      Tim Lenox
      Sales Associate
    • Destini Lockerman Photo
      Destini Lockerman
      Sales Associate
    • Rufus Wells Photo
      Rufus Wells
      Sales Associate
  • Service Department (844) 867-0607
    • Bryant Hall Photo
      Bryant Hall
      Service Advisor
    • Brad Cody Photo
      Brad Cody
      Service Advisor
    • Mia Williams Photo
      Mia Williams
      Service Advisor
  • Parts Department (866) 273-1507
    • Brandon Thompkins Photo
      Brandon Thompkins
      Parts Advisor
    • Cole Martin Photo
      Cole Martin
      Parts Advisor
    • Cary Brittian Photo
      Cary Brittian
      Parts Advisor
  • Customer Service Representatives (844) 243-9268
    • Tracy Bromley Photo
      Tracy Bromley
      Customer Service Representative
    • Heather Roberts Photo
      Heather Roberts
      Customer Service Representative
    • Kimberly Madison Photo
      Kimberly Madison
      Customer Service Representative
  • Office (844) 243-9268
    • Dixie Thomas Photo
      Dixie Thomas
    • Melissa Mitchell Photo
      Melissa Mitchell
      Title Administrator
    • Lindsey Bartlett Photo
      Lindsey Bartlett
      Office Manager

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